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stope mining methods

Stop Mining Method - Mineral Processing & Metallurgy

Feb 22, 2018 Two common stoping methods commonly used to mine vertical deposits are shrinking stoping and sub-level stoping. Shrinking stoping gets its name from the phenomenon whereby if we take a volume of rock and we break it up, the volume of the broken rock is larger than the volume of the intake rock that we start up with

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Shrinkage Stope Mining, Mining Methods, Mining

Shrinkage stope is a generic term used in mining to portray the process of mining upwards from a lower to an elevated horizon, leaving broken rock in the excavation created. The broken rock acts as a working platform and assists to stabilize the excavation by supporting the walls. The method may be used for ore mining in shrinkage stopes, for rising, and for underground construction projects where excavations

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Sublevel stoping..Underground mining methods

Oct 22, 2014 Sublevel Stoping Considerations on the method: the sublevel stoping is considered a method of extracting medium to large scale; other names for the method (variations): bighole open stoping, long-hole stoping or blasthole Prof. Dr. H.Z. Harraz Presentation sublevel stoping 3 Conditions for application of the deposit: ore resistance: moderate to high; resistance of the host rocks: moderate

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8.3.3: Sublevel (Open) Stoping | ABC 123: Testing Site

Aug 03, 2010 8.3.3: Sublevel (Open) Stoping. If we had a stronger and more competent host rock, we could dispense with the need to keep ore in the stope to support the hanging wall as we do VCR mining. Indeed, such deposits do exist, and when they do, we can employ the open stoping method. There are different variations, but essentially, we delineate stopes

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4.3.2: Underground Mining Methods | ABC 123: Testing Site

The name of this method derives from this drawing off or shrinkage of the stope. A modern and important variant of this method is known as vertical crater retreat (VCR) mining. A few examples of commodities mined by this method include iron and palladium. Watch this video (3:01) created by Atlas Copco demonstrating sublevel stoping mining method

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Stoping | mining | Britannica

Stoping, in mining engineering, the opening of large underground rooms, or stopes, by the excavation of ore.Stoping is practiced in underground mineral mining when the surrounding rock is strong enough to permit the drilling, blasting, and removal of ore without caving.In mines where the rock requires no artificial support, the operation is known as open stoping

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Evaluation of the use of sublevel open stoping in the

Mar 01, 2021 The DLSOS stoping method is an adapted sublevel open stoping method with backfill. In this method, the stoping sequence is from bottom-up, and therefore, the blasted ore is mucked under the protection of the upper stope pillar. The muck is not affected by the weight of overlying strata, and the stress is not transferred

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Description of mining methods (step by step)

Primary Mining Method Long-hole bench stoping with backfill. Information. The ore between each ore drive horizon is stoped using long-hole benching. Traditionally, Kundana has used the long-hole open stope benching, this is a simple retreat method which uses 10 m to 12 m (33 ft to 39 ft) holes drilled between the levels to break the ore leaving

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Underground Mining Methods - UFRGS

mining (or post-pillar mining) is a combination of room-and- pillar and cut-and-fill stoping. With this method, ore is recovered in horizontal slices starting from the bottom and advancing upward. Pillars are left inside the stope to support the roof. Mined-out stopes are hydraulically backfilled with tailings, and

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Types of Mining Methods | Sell Side Handbook

Mar 11, 2018 Shrinkage stoping is an overhand mining method that is used for self-supporting vertical ore bodies. In this method, ore is mined in horizontal slices, starting from the bottom to the top of the stope. The broken ore is left in the mined-out stope and serves as a support to the stope walls and a working platform for mining the ore above

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Underground Mining Methods - MineralsEd

Mining continues upwards towards the sur-face until the orebody is depleted. Sublevel stoping Sublevel stoping is a mining method in which ore is blasted from different levels of elevation but is removed from one level at the bottom of the mine. Before mining begins, an

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mining methods, but the assumptions made regarding mining methods and parameters when estimating Mineral Resources may not always be rigorous. Where this is the case, this should be reported with an explanation of the basis of the mining assumptions made. Conventional underground long hole stoping. 2m minimum mining width has been assumed

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Dilution and ore recovery - QueensMineDesignWiki

Stope Span – Larger stope spans are less stable, increasing the risk of wall failure and unplanned dilution; Bulk Mining Methods. Dilution in respects to block caving is the percentage of the ore column removed before waste materials are removed from the drawpoint

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A heuristic approach to optimal design of an underground

May 01, 2015 The selection of an optimal stope layout is the core to mine planning process in the majority of underground mining methods, because, it dictates the net present value maximisation in subsequent production scheduling . Given the selection of an optimal stope layout is based on analysing all possible combinations of thousands of mining blocks

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Longitudinal longhole retreat - QueensMineDesignWiki

Longitudinal longhole retreat is a branch of the generic mining method known as sublevel stoping. For longitudinal retreat the long axis of the stope is along (or parallel) to the strike of the orebody. It may also be referred to as bench stoping or sublevel benching. Three variations of this mining method are avoca, eureka, and creeping cone

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Avoca methods of mining - Basic Mining Techniques

Aug 04, 2017 1. Overview Avoca Method of mining is a variation of sublevel stoping method with the introduction of waste rockfill as backfill. This method is popular in high grade epithermal vein deposits where the strength and conditions of the walls of the open stopes are weak to moderate and require backfilling of waste rock to stabilise the walls, minimise the ore dilution and maximise the ore recovery

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CN105822307A - Underhand sublevel open stoping method

The invention relates to the technical field of stoping methods and particularly relates to an underhand sublevel open stoping method. The underhand sublevel open stoping method comprises the following steps: firstly, arranging an ore block along the direction of an ore body and dividing the ore block into an ore room and an ore column; dividing the ore block into 3-5 sublevels in the vertical

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