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various bearing capacity of crusher dust

Laboratory studies on strength and bearing capacity of

different bearing capacity equations in geotechnical Engineering. Bearing capacity is associated with shear strength ... of 20mm down aggregates and 20% of crusher dust yielded a GSB material satisfying gradation –III as per MORT&H specification as shown in Table 4. The soaked CBR value for the mixture was found to be 55%

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Bearing capacity of square footing supported by a geobelt

The friction between reinforcement and crusher dust is more than compared to that of natural sand, which may be due to surface roughness of crusher dust. The variations in bearing capacity of

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Stability of Counterfort Retaining Wall using Crusher

Case B: Trial for various depths of backfill using crusher dust. Case A: Stability analysis of Retaining wall of selected height. Figure 4.1: Verification frame (b) Figure4.2: Bearing capacity frame(a) Figure 4.3: Bearing capacity frame(b)

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Addition of Crusher Dust in Clayey Soil as Subgrade

2. The addition of crusher dust to the soil reduces OMC of soil to 27.5% with increase in percentage of crusher dust. 3. The addition of crusher dust to the soil increases MDD of soil to 8% with increase in percentage of crusher dust. 4. The value of CBR increased by 64.17% with addition of 30% crusher dust. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 0 10 20 30 40)

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(PDF) Effect of Crusher Dust-Geogrid Composite on

Modern geotechnical practice often uses technique of reinforced soil – a composite of soil and reinforcement mostly geogrids. In civil engineering application geogrid is widely use to reinforce embankment, retaining wall, roads and railway ballast

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Fig. 2.3 Typical Figure of Crusher dust Fig. 2.4 Typical Figure of Slag ... Fig. 4.3 Bearing capacity of individual industrial waste ... Various research have been done in the seismic bearing capacity of footings for horizontal ground, but the study for sloping ground is very limited

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CRUSHER DUST | Australian Steel Mill Services

Crusher Dust. Download Product Data Sheet PDF. Product Code ABF200. ASMS ABF200 is a 6x0mm fine aggregate crusher dust. APPLICATIONS. ABF200 is suitable for use in a range of civil and manufacturing applications including:. General fill and paving sand

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(PDF) Utilization of stone dust to improve the properties

The mechanical properties of the treated soil were studied by adding boulder crusher dust (BCD) in increments of 4%. ... problems related to bearing capacity and settlement. Different degrees of

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Cone Crusher Parts

Feb 19, 2017 Cone Crusher MAINSHAFT. The mainshaft is of high grade forged steel, annealed for stress relief. It is tapered to gauge for head center fit. The bottom of the shaft is fitted with a polished bronze step bearing. The journal for the spider bearing is formed by a sleeve shrunk on the shaft on the 51, 60 and 84-in. crushers

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What are Bearing Capacity Values of Different Types of

Nov 18, 2017 Added an answer on August 12, 2020 at 11:32 pm. Follwoing are the values of safe bearing capacity as per IS:1904–1978 –. Rocks –. a) hard sound rock – 330 t/m2 or 3240 KN/m2. b) leminated rock – 165 t/m2 or 1620 KN/m2. c) residual deposit of shattered and broken rocks

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Common Faults and Solutions of Cone Crusher | Quarrying

Cone crusher is the most common secondary and tertiary crushing equipment. It has high production efficiency and uniform product size. However, in harsh environments, cone crushers will also encounter various problems when working. This article shares common faults and solutions of cone crushers. 1. The temperature of the lubricating oil is too

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Stabilization of Weak Dredged Soils by Employing Waste

Jul 18, 2020 The treated soil samples were prepared by varying the boulder crusher dust content by 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20% respectively and a series of compaction tests, atterberg limit tests, CBR tests and UCS tests were performed on the weakest soil sample at 0.95 γ d (max) and optimum moisture content (Table 2) gives the different geotechnical properties

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Stability Analysis of Retaining Wall using GEO5 in

9.6.2 Case II: Trial for various depths of crusher dust and backfill material 599 9.6.3 Case III: Check for the effect of water table for various heights 604 9.7 Checks on the final design of counterfort retaining wall –using GEO5 610 9.7.1 Check for overturning and slip 610

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Effective usage of poker vibrator for compacting quarry

Oct 17, 2016 In most practical situations, quarry dust has to be placed in several layers according to the excavation depth, level of ground water table, required bearing capacity, etc. Therefore, the layer thickness used in such situations is believed to play a major role in compaction. This was the subject of the next stage of the study

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Bearing capacity of model footing on reinforced foundation

Jan 12, 2021 Bearing capacity obtained is 1.32 times more than rectangular at Dr of 29% and 1.17 times at Dr of 64%. Overall, the value is typically higher by a mean value of 1.25 times than rectangular footing. The difference in values between the two types of reinforcement is presented in Table 4

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Bearing Capacity Analysis Based on Optimization of Single

Jul 03, 2020 The percentage variation of ultimate bearing capacity of reinforced crusher dust with respect to unreinforced at loose state (0.3B) was 112.56% and for medium dense state (0.4B) was 71.15%. Increase in relative density along with addition of reinforcement layer to the crusher dust has great impact on the bearing capacity of footing

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Soil Stabilization using Crusher Dust - IJERT

stabilization is to increase the bearing capacity of the soil and maximum dry density. This paper assesses the stabilizing effect of crusher dust on the soil. Crusher dust is added to the soil at varying proportions like 20%, 30% and 40% by the weight of the soil

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